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The picodon is a French soft cheese .

Origin and Distribution

The Picodon is home to the mountains of the Ardèche and Drôme departments . As an AOC cheese, its origin is strictly limited to an area of ​​the southern Rhone . These are the departments of Ardèche and Drôme, the canton of Barjac and the canton of Valréas .


Picodon are one to three centimeters high discs. It has a fine, homogeneous dough that becomes more and more firm with age. The cheese is surrounded by a natural mold skin. The longer it ripens, the higher the proportion of visible blue mold and red flora . The Picodon is sold "unpackaged".


The picodon is curdled from goat milk with the addition of a minimal amount of rennet . The curd is poured into holey forms with ladles . After the whey has drained, it is salted dry twice, dried on grids and matured for at least twelve days. The expert speaks of a “Dieulefit affinage” when this cheese has matured for at least a month. During this time it is washed several times with brine or rubbed with wine or pomace .


When young, the picodon has a mild, slightly sour taste. As it matures, it acquires a nutty note. A subtle goat odor can be detected. Its fat content is 45% i.Tr.


The picodon is not only served at the end of a long meal, in its homeland it is consumed as a second breakfast. It is often grilled and served with various leaf salads. Picodon goes well with white wine, fruit brandies or olive oil.

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