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IHES main building

The Institut des hautes études scientifiques ( IHES ) is a French research institute for mathematics and theoretical physics . It is located in Bures-sur-Yvette around 30 kilometers southwest of Paris .

IHES was founded in 1958 by businessman and mathematician Léon Motchane with the help of Robert Oppenheimer and Jean Dieudonné with the aim of bringing together leading researchers. The model was the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton (whose long-time director was Oppenheimer). It has a small number of professors who are appointed for life and invites around 200 visitors to research visits each year, for an average of three months. There are also a few long-term visitors. The researcher is free to choose the research content.

The design of the IHES is said to be influenced by Robert Oppenheimer, who was then director of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. The personality of Alexander Grothendieck and the revolutionary ideas of his school dominated the sixties at the IHÉS ( Séminaire de géométrie algébrique du Bois Marie ). Another prominent person was René Thom .

The institute publishes a mathematical journal, the Publications Mathématiques de l'IHÉS , which is one of the leading mathematical journals.

Entrance of the IHES

The directors of IHES were in chronological order: Léon Motchane (1958–1971), Nicolaas Kuiper (1971–1985), Marcel Berger (1985–1994), Jean-Pierre Bourguignon (1994–2013) and Emmanuel Ullmo (from 2013).

Outstanding mathematicians who have worked permanently at IHES include Alexander Grothendieck , David Ruelle , Jean Bourgain , Alain Connes , Pierre Deligne , René Thom , Michail Leonidowitsch Gromow , Laurent Lafforgue and Maxim Lwowitsch Konzewitsch .

The Bois Bouteiller (called Bois Marie), in which the IHES is located, was acquired in 1905 by Charles Comar, President of the Society of Pharmacists in France, and he built a castle there. In 1944 German reinforcements were sent from there to Normandy and the castle and a large part of the town were destroyed by Allied bombing raids.

Plaque at the entrance of IHES with the history of the park

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