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Technical Information Library (TIB)

founding 1959
Duration over 9 million media units
Library type Special library
place Hanover
ISIL DE-89 (Technical Information Library (TIB) / Leibniz Information Center Technology and Natural Sciences and University Library)
management Sören Auer
TIB location technology / natural sciences in the Nordstadt district of Hanover, facade with the main entrance

The Technical Information Library (TIB) is the German central specialist library for technology , architecture , chemistry , computer science , mathematics and physics , based in Hanover . The TIB is the world's largest specialist library for technology and natural sciences. It is tasked with providing national and international research and industry as well as the university library to students, researchers and lecturers from all faculties of Leibniz Universität Hannover as well as citizens from the region with literature and information in printed and electronic form. The TIB supports specialist and research communities with numerous offers in their research, learning and work processes. The library conducts applied research and development to optimize its services. The focus is on data science, non-textual materials, open science and visual analytics.

The TIB is part of the national research infrastructure and at the same time the largest specialist library in its fields. Full text provision is one of their core competencies.

As the central specialist library in its departments, the TIB works closely with the two other German central specialist libraries - ZB MED - Information Center for Life Sciences and ZBW - Leibniz Information Center for Economics - in the areas of full-text provision, licenses, non-textual materials, long-term archiving and open access .

The TIB is a foundation under public law of the state of Lower Saxony . It bears the additional designations "Leibniz Information Center Technology and Natural Sciences" and "University Library".

The TIB is a member of the Leibniz Association . In 2020 it was named the National Library of the Year .

Collection focus

The TIB has a globally unique inventory of basic as well as highly specialized technical and scientific technical and research information. The TIB collects literature from the fields of technology as well as architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics in various languages ​​and different media. This inventory is supplemented by unique collections that are characterized by their content or their regional focus. This includes dissertations, patents and standards as well as hard-to-find gray literature from technology and natural sciences such as conference and research reports. A specialty of the TIB is the provision of new publications from Eastern Europe and East Asia that are difficult to obtain and linguistically difficult to access.


The TIB's inventory comprises a total of 9 million media units (as of December 31, 2015):

  • 5.4 million books
  • 3.4 million non-electronic materials such as micromaterials
  • 77.6 million electronic documents
  • 42,400 electronic journals
  • 15,400 journals (print)
  • 4,400 specialist databases
  • 17.3 million patents, norms, standards

Information supply

TIB portal

The TIB portal is the central web presence of the technical information library and offers, in addition to numerous information on the offers, digital services and research activities of the library, an integrated research and ordering portal for all TIB target groups. This discovery solution, developed in-house, allows research into scientific information from a wide variety of media types. In this way, scientific publications as well as patents and standards can be researched, but also audiovisual media and research data. In the search area “TIB for Research and Companies” you can search for specialist and research information with a focus on technology and natural sciences for the supraregional literature supply. This enables direct and free access to freely available electronic full texts and multimedia objects as well as to national licenses. The TIB document delivery service, which is subject to a fee, also enables documents to be made available quickly in electronic or printed form, or direct access to electronic documents (pay-per-view). In the “TIB for Leibniz Universität Hannover” search area, you can search for books, magazines and electronic media from the entire TIB inventory. As usual, the media can either be used directly online via the campus network or borrowed from the TIB locations on site. This search area offers the local target group of the TIB an alternative and more modern research approach to the classic electronic library catalog (OPAC).

AV portal

The TIB AV portal is a web-based platform for quality-checked scientific videos, particularly from the fields of technology and natural sciences. This includes, for example, computer visualizations, learning materials, simulations, experiments, interviews, lecture and conference recordings. Various automatic video analyzes are used in the AV portal, which enable a targeted search in the video content, i.e. in the spoken and written text.

In addition, the TIB provides the IWF knowledge and media inventory in the TIB AV portal. This media inventory was transferred to the TIB in November 2012.


TIB location technology / natural sciences, view from Nienburger Strasse
Marstall at the Welfenschloss : patents, norms and standards

TIB document delivery

The TIB provides its customers from science, research and industry with the required technical and natural science information as quickly and comprehensively as possible via the TIB document delivery. The fee-based TIB document delivery offers quick provision of documents in electronic or printed form or direct access to electronic documents (pay-per-view). The TIB procures literature that is not available in the TIB from other suppliers.

AV portal

In the AV portal of the TIB, scientific videos, in particular from the fields of technology and natural sciences, are made available and made sustainable for education and science. The videos are analyzed by speech-to-text, which enables a search in the spoken text of the video, and are provided with a clear citation link ( Digital Object Identifier (DOI)). The AV portal was developed by the competence center for non-textual materials at the TIB in cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute for Software System Technology since July 2011 and went online in spring 2014.

DOI service

The TIB assigns DOI names for research data, non-textual materials such as videos, images or 3D models, gray literature and articles in open access journals. The assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) makes it possible to access objects sustainably and clearly. The TIB's DOI service is available to academic institutions, publication services, and the university and research sectors.

In 2005, the TIB was the world's first DOI registration agency for research data sets from the fields of technology, natural sciences and medicine.

Depot library for research reports

The TIB collects German research reports from technology and natural sciences as comprehensively as possible. It is the repository library for research reports for various ministries and research funding institutions, including the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The reports are verified and made available via the TIB portal.


The TIB is involved in the global community for the development and distribution of VIVO, an open source software for research information . In addition to the establishment and operation of its own FIS, the TIB advises and supports institutions in the scientific context such as universities, research institutions or specialist societies in the design and implementation of research information solutions.

Research and Development

TIB location Conti-Campus on Königsworther Platz , this is where education, literature and linguistics, law and economics are housed.

As a research library, the TIB conducts applied research and development in order to generate new services and optimize existing ones. The focus is on data science & digital libraries, non-textual materials, open science and visual analytics .

Research group Data Science & Digital Libraries

In the research group Data Science & Digital Libraries the TIB develops methods and techniques for the semantic networking of data, information and knowledge.

Visual Analytics research group

In the Visual Analytics research group, the TIB deals with the visualization of data and the interpretation of visual data.

Scientific Data Management research group

The Scientific Data Management research group investigates how large-scale, heterogeneous data can be processed and analyzed in a decentralized, yet semantically networked manner.

Open Science Lab

In the Open Science Lab of the TIB, new ideas, strategies, working methods and tools in the field of open science are developed and tried out in dialogue with scientific-library communities.

Non-textual materials

In the competence center for non-textual materials, the TIB work on analysis methods and the collection and provision of audiovisual media as well as on the referencing and provision of infrastructures for research data and scientific software.


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