International Musicological Society

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The International Musicological Society (IMS) (German: Internationale Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft) is an organization founded on September 30, 1927 in Basel for the international coordination of musicology .


The organization's headquarters are in Basel. The aim of the IMS is the international cooperation of all those who are interested in musicological issues. It is open to both individuals and organizations. It is financed through membership fees, donations and other subsidies.

Acta Musicologica

Acta Musicologica magazine

The IMS publishes the scientific journal Acta Musicologica , in which music scientific works of international importance are published for the first time in the languages ​​German, English, French, Italian and Spanish (after examination by two independent double-blind expert opinions ). The magazine has been published by Bärenreiter since 1954 . Two issues appear every year.


  • President: Daniel KL Chua
  • Vice-Presidents: Egberto Bermúdez, Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl

List of presidents


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