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Knud Jeppesen (born August 15, 1892 in Copenhagen ; died June 14, 1974 in Risskov , Aarhus) was a Danish music researcher and composer .

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Knud Jeppesen was a composition student of Carl Nielsen and received his doctorate in 1922 at the University of Vienna under Guido Adler on the subject of the treatment of dissonance in the works of Palestrina .

He taught since 1920 at the Royal Conservatory and at the University in Copenhagen . He was the organist at the Holmens Kirke . He is the author of the textbook counterpoint. Textbook of classical vocal polyphony , which has been published and translated many times, is dedicated to "Carl Nielsen the unforgettable teacher and friends in memoriam". This classical introduction focuses on the polyphonic vocal style that Palestrina had perfected.

Publications (selection)

  • The treatment of dissonance in the works of Palestrina (1922)
  • The Copenhagen Chansonier (1927)
  • Counterpoint. Textbook of classical vocal polyphony (preface by Theodor Kroyer). Breitkopf & Härtel, Leipzig 1935 (German translation) first 1930.


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