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The International Building Order (IBO) is a non-profit organization widespread in many European countries that organizes building camps (primarily) for young adults across Europe and thus supports social and non-profit institutions with construction and renovation work. Historical buildings are also restored in such operations.

The IBO was founded in 1953 by the Dutch religious order Werenfried van Straaten founded to motivate students in Germany refugees and displaced persons to assist in the construction of homes. Today the building order is mainly financed by donations, but also receives public subsidies for its work.

In the construction camps, international groups of six to twelve participants usually work for two to three weeks. The participants receive free board and lodging for their work. The building order prepares the projects and takes care of tools and building materials. The construction weeks take place across Europe, especially in Central and Eastern Europe. For architecture and civil engineering students , participation in an IBO construction warehouse can be recognized as a construction site internship.

The order has awarded the Joseph Schmitt Prize every two years since 2005 for a thesis in the areas of international youth work , international voluntary services , youth travel as well as youth and Europe . The prize is endowed with 1000 euros.

The German building order is supported by the non-profit association Internationaler Bauorden Deutscher Zweig eV and is based in Ludwigshafen am Rhein . The Austrian section is organized in the International Building Order Austria based in Graz . The Swiss Building Order, whose secretariat is in Altstätten , was founded in 1953 by the Catholic priest Jakob Feurer , who was vicar there at the time.

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