Irkut (company)

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legal form Corporation
founding 1932
Seat Irkutsk , Russia
management Oleg Feodorovich Demchenko
Number of employees 14,000
sales 1,707,000,000 US dollars (2014)
Branch Aircraft construction

OAK building in Irkutsk

Irkut ( Russian Корпорация ИРКУТ / Korporazija IRKUT ( proper spelling )) is a Russian holding company of various companies that deals with the manufacture, development and sale of aircraft and components as well as services in the aviation sector. The company is listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange and has its headquarters in Irkutsk . Since the end of 2006 Irkut has been part of the newly founded Russian aviation consortium OAK .

Irkut was formed in 2000 from the merger of the current holding members and has been listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange since March 29, 2004. The chairman of the supervisory board is Alexei Fyodorov .

Irkut currently includes the former IAPO plant in Irkutsk , the Beriev plants, the Jakowlew development office (since 2005), BETA AIR , Russian Avionika and ITELA . The holding company employs a total of 14,000 people. Sales in 2004 were $ 600 million. In 2008 sales were 1.3 billion US dollars, 24% higher than in 2007. The share of Russian arms exports is 15%.

In addition to the Beriev Be-200 and the Beriev A-50 based on the Ilyushin Il-76 , Irkut also manufactures Sukhoi Su-30MK machines under license . The Irkut MS-21 passenger aircraft is being planned.

In 2014 Irkut delivered 52 fighter jets to the Russian Air Force. In 2015, 60 fighter jets were scheduled to be built and handed over to the Russian Air Force . These are fighter jets from the aircraft manufacturers Sukhoi and Yakovlev .

The aim of the holding company is to sell more Russian aircraft to civilian customers. To this end, various partnerships with western manufacturers are sought. At the 2006 ILA , it was possible to conclude a cooperation agreement with Airbus for converting the Airbus A320 into cargo aircraft.

Aircraft produced

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