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The Yakovlev - OKB ( OKB -115) in Moscow was a Soviet manufacturers of aircraft and helicopters . It was founded in 1934 by Alexander Sergejewitsch Jakowlew . In 1992 the office was privatized and transferred to the Yak Aviation Company . Since the end of 2006 Jakowlew has been part of the newly founded Russian aviation consortium OAK .


In the 1930s, the focus of the office was on the construction of sport and training aircraft. The two-seat UT-2 was with 7243 units the most built aircraft of OKB Jakowlew at this time. During World War II , Jakowlew developed the Jak-1 to Jak-9 series of fighter planes , several thousand of which were produced. After the end of the war, Jakowlew built the first series turbine fighter in the Soviet Union, the Jak-15, alongside the MiG-9 . During the Cold War , the design office specialized both in interceptor aircraft (for example Jak-25 ) and also in training and sports aircraft ( Jak-18 ).

Aircraft types

Jak-54 (RA-1234G)

Helicopter types

Unmanned aircraft


Two different ways of writing the aircraft types are common: "Jak" and "Yak". Based on the direct transcription of the Cyrillic alphabet into the German language, the translation from “Як” to “Jak” is correct. “Yak”, on the other hand, corresponds to the transcription into English.

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