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Ischnura senegalensis, female

Ischnura senegalensis , female

Subclass : Flying insects (Pterygota)
Order : Dragonflies (Odonata)
Subordination : Dragonfly (Zygoptera)
Superfamily : Coenagrionoidea
Family : Dragonfly (Coenagrionidae)
Subfamily : Ischnurinae
Scientific name
Fraser , 1957

Ischnurinae refers to a subfamily of the slender dragonflies ( Coenagrionidae) within the dragonflies (Odonata). It is the most generic of the slender vials and is distributed worldwide.


The Ischnurinae are small dragonflies with a slender and elongated, almost needle-shaped abdomen and, compared to other small dragonflies, relatively short legs. As with all slender vials, the wings, which are generally uncolored, start on the thorax with a stalk. The delimitation to representatives of other subfamilies occurs primarily on the wing veins. In the Ischnurinae, the length of the shaft extends to the intersection of the anal veins . The shape of the pterostigmata of the males differs between the fore and hind wings, and it is often two-colored.

The females usually have a protruding thorn in front of the ovipositor on the eighth abdominal segment and often come in different colors. Androchromic females, colored like the males, are rarer than females of a differently colored heterochrome form, some of which show different color variants.


The Ischnurinae are distributed worldwide, in Central Europe this subfamily is only represented by two genera, the cup damsel ( Enallagma ) and pitch dragonflies ( Ischnura ).


In addition to the eponymous type genus Ischnura , the Ischnurinae contain representatives of another 49 genera. The taxon was established in 1957 by Frederic Charles Fraser .



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