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The Bergedorf Jewish cemetery was a private cemetery in Hamburg-Bergedorf that no longer exists today .


Memorial plaque for the cemetery

Although Jews were increasingly resident in Bergedorf from the 18th century onwards , there was no official congregation and no Jewish cemetery there . A private prayer room is occupied for 1838, the inventory of which was auctioned after the owner's death. In 1813, Michael Nathan, who came from Poland, received citizenship in Bergedorf. In 1840 he bought a plot of 80 square rods (1516 m²) and had a private cemetery laid out for his relatives. Eleven people were buried here between 1842 and 1890, most of them belonging to the Nathan family.

In the 1880s, the Hamburg congregation was looking for an alternative to the newly created Jewish cemetery in Ohlsdorf for strictly religious members . In their opinion, the eternal rest of the dead was not guaranteed there, as the cemetery was not owned by the community. The Nathan family, who owned it, was ready to transfer the cemetery to the Hamburg community . The Landherrschaft Bergedorf did not allow this request, however, since an expansion of the cemetery was not possible due to the planned development of the area, and prohibited a burial of anyone other than members of the Nathan family. The special cemetery was finally established on Prussian territory in Hamburg-Langenfelde .

In 1910 Bergedorf tried in vain to maintain the area that was only partially used. In 1911 the heirs of the families agreed to leave the property to the city of Hamburg for ten years to build a hospital. Condition was the preservation and fencing of the preserved grave sites. In 1925 the cemetery finally came to the German-Israelite community in Hamburg and in 1938 all of its property was expropriated by the National Socialists . The dead were exhumed and the area partially built over. Today there is a park and a senior center there. A plaque on the fence reminds of the cemetery today.


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