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The Jewish Lexicon is a German-language four-volume reference work on Judaism .


The reference work appeared from 1927 to 1930 under the title Jüdisches Lexikon. An encyclopedic handbook of Jewish knowledge in four volumes (volume four consists of two sub-volumes). It was founded by Georg Herlitz and Bruno Kirschner (Bruno Kirschner collaboration until April 1928, co-editor only for volume 1) in Berlin in the Jewish publishing house . More than 300 exclusively Jewish scholars and writers took part in the creation of the lexicon. a. Ismar Elbogen , Joseph Meisl , Aron Sandler , Max Soloweitschik , Felix A. Theilhaber , Robert Weltsch and Max Wiener .

The lexicon has remained the most comprehensive, complete German-language reference work on this topic to this day. The German-language Encyclopaedia Judaica , of which only ten out of fifteen volumes (A – Lyra) could appear between 1928 and 1934 , was much more extensive and scientific .

The Jewish Lexicon is completely digitized and can be accessed online.


  • Georg Herlitz, Bruno Kirschner (ed.): Jüdisches Lexikon. An encyclopedic manual of Jewish knowledge in four volumes . Jewish publishing house, Berlin 1927–1930. (Vol. 1: “A – C”, 1927; Vol. 2: “D – H”, 1928; Vol. 3: “Ib – Ma”, 1928; Vol. 4.1: “Me – R”, 1930; Vol 4.2: “S – Z”, 1930) [Reprint of the 1st edition: Athenaeum Verlag, Frankfurt am Main 1987, ISBN 3-610-00400-2 ].

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