Jacob van Eyck

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Jacob van Eyck commemorative plaque in Utrecht:
"In mouth and fingers
and sharpness of hearing,
in flute and glockenspiel
a miracle of all times"

Jonkheer Jacob van Eyck (* around 1590; † March 26, 1657 in Utrecht ) was a Dutch bell player , expert for church bells and recorder virtuoso . Van Eyck was one of the most famous musicians of his time.

Live and act

Van Eyck was blind from birth . In 1625 he left his parents' house and became the bell-player of the Utrecht cathedral tower . He later had similar jobs at other Utrecht churches and at the Utrecht City Hall. In 1649 his salary was increased on the condition that he please the walkers in the churchyard with the sound of his flute.

As a bell expert, he had an excellent reputation with the authorities of various Dutch cities. René Descartes praised his keen hearing, and carillonneurs moved to Utrecht to study with him.

He is known as a recorder player for his work Der Fluyten Lusthof , which was published in various versions and parts in 1644, 1646, 1649 and 1654. It is an extensive collection of solo pieces for the soprano recorder (however, continuo tracks have been found published by the publisher "les cahiers du Tourdion"), almost all of which follow a common variation scheme: a melodic piece initially performed in a simple version, for example a folk song or a hymn is broken down into smaller, faster note values ​​in several steps. The final point is a virtuoso version. Most of the pieces in the Fluyten Lusthof have the addition: "Broken van J. Jacob van Eyck".


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  1. Breken was the expression for "varying by playing around" (Thiemo Wind: Jacob van Eyck en de others . Utrecht 2006, Chapter 4: Variatiekunst: Thema's, vormen en technieken , p. 127)