Yearbooks for the History of Eastern Europe

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Yearbooks for the History of Eastern Europe

description Scientific journal
Area of ​​Expertise Eastern European history
publishing company Franz Steiner Publishing House
First edition 1936
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Martin Schulze Wessel and Dietmar Neutatz
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The Year Books for the History of Eastern Europe (JGO) is a scientific journal for Eastern European history founded in 1936 , which has been published quarterly since 1953. In 1941 the magazine was discontinued. The yearbooks for culture and history of the Slavs , which first appeared in Wroclaw in 1924 and were later published in NF, are the predecessor project . The JGO are being published today on behalf of the Regensburg Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Research (IOS) in the Franz Steiner Verlag in Stuttgart and are being carried out by Martin Schulze Wessel (LMU Munich) and Dietmar Neutatz (Freiburg im Breisgau) in conjunction with the following scientists from In - and abroad - Jörg Baberowski , Nada Boškovska , Victoria Frede , Jan Hennings , Hubertus Jahn , Kerstin Jobst , Yvonne Kleinmann , Jan Kusber , Svetlana Malyševa , Gertrud Pickhan , Stefan Plaggenborg and Elena Zubkova - published. The languages ​​of publication are German, English and French; the articles are subject to a double-blind peer review .

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