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Jan Macvarish is a British sociologist. She works as a research fellow at the Center for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent and is a pioneer in the emerging field of culture of parenting ( Engl. Parenting culture studies ). Her research interests as a sociologist are in the areas of interpersonal relationships, parenting, family life, sexuality and intimacy.

Life and research

Macvarish studied sociology, social anthropology and history at Keele University and went to the University of Kent in 2001 for a PhD. Her doctoral thesis, The New Single Woman: Contextualizing Individual Choice , completed in 2007, dealt with the social construction of female singletons and described a change in the iconography of single women away from the type of empty, involuntarily lonely women to a new type of women who made conscious decisions without a partner stay.

She then did research on the motherhood of minors and on government regulation of fertility treatments. She is currently (2015) researching the influences of neuroscience on parenthood and family life.

Macvarish received attention beyond specialist circles when, in 2010, she argued that many parental preferences for certain parenting practices and educational teachings - especially attachment parenting - are not oriented towards the needs of the child, but primarily towards the parents' self-image , which also leads to a " parental tribalism , in which parents group themselves in camps that are hostile to each other and judge each other on whether they are breastfeeding or what form of diaper they are using.

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