Jean Jannon

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Jean Jannon (* 1580 probably in Switzerland; † 1658 ) was a French type cutter and printer and worked in Paris and Sedan . He was one of the first designers of baroque fonts. His cuts have not lost their importance to this day.

Jannon was a Protestant printer. In 1641, the Catholic Cardinal Richelieu had him arrested and his tools and stamps confiscated (in order to print his work Principaux Points de la Foi ). They did not appear again until 200 years later and were inadvertently assigned to Claude Garamond : as a result, many digital fonts (including Monotype Garamond, Linotype Garamond 3, ATF Garamond, Lanston Garamont and Simoncini Garamond) are not from Claude Garamond's Renaissance styles, but rather derived from Jean Jannon's baroque designs - even if they bear the name Garamond .

Preserved stamps and matrices are kept in the Imprimerie Nationale in Paris.


  • Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style , Hartley & Marks Publishers, April 2005, ISBN 0-88179-205-5 - contains nice comparisons between fonts derived from the original Garamond Renaissance styles of the 16th century and their later Baroque derivatives 17th century

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