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Joan Slonczewski (2015)

Joan Lyn Slonczewski (* 1956 in New York City ) is an American molecular biologist and science fiction - writer .


Joan Slonczewski teaches biology at Kenyon College in Ohio.

She brings the latest in molecular biology to her science fiction to design a fascinating future. She can be counted among the feminist writers; their characters do not correspond to any gender clichés. A Door into Ocean with a water planet and an exclusively female population addresses this issue particularly clearly. The novel also won the Campbell Award for Best Novel. In 2012 she received the award again for The Highest Frontier .

Daughter of Elysium moves from the molecular biology topic to the question of artificial intelligence. The reader is introduced to "conscious" robots, who demand "equal rights" with humans, quite inconspicuously. In addition, questions of genetic engineering for people are examined. The focus of the novel is a normal family with two children and an (for many people) unusual role understanding of the parents.



  • 1980: Still Forms on Foxfield
  • 1986: A Door into Ocean
  • 1989: The Wall around Eden
  • 1993: Daughter of Elysium
  • 1998: The Children Star
  • 2000: Brain Plague
  • 2011: The Highest Frontier , Tor Books, New York City 2011, ISBN 978-0-7653-2956-1 .


  • 1995: Microbe
  • 2000: Tuberculosis bacteria join UN

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