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Joe Ball , also known as The Alligator Man , ( January 7, 1896 - September 24, 1938 ) was a serial killer, alcohol smuggler and innkeeper of The Sociable Inn bar in Elmendorf , Texas in the late 1930s .

Ball celebrated on the night of September 24 in all probability suicide when two police officers he wanted to consult the disappearance of Hazel Brown. After his suicide, police found out that Ball killed Hazel Brown. After the murder, he forced the craftsman Clifford Wheeler to dismember the body and store it in a rain barrel. He then fed the body parts to his five alligators, hence the nickname "The Alligator Man". Wheeler also confirmed the murder of 20-year-old Minnie Gotthardt to the police. Wheeler was sentenced to two years in prison on extenuating circumstances.

When the police questioned Ball's ex-wife, she testified that Ball had confessed to the murder of several waitresses at his inn. He also threatened to kill her if she did not keep silent. Ball was found to have committed at least five murders at his bar, The Sociable Inn .


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