John of Worcester

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John of Worcester, Chronicle of the World and English History. The chronicle shows in three miniatures the nightmare of Henry I, the three classes of society (labatores, bellatores, oratores) rise against him. Worcester, Cathedral Monastery, Three-Handed Manuscript, continued until 1140 Parchment, Oxford, Corpus Christi College, The Library Ms. 157, pp. 382-38 (3rd ed

Johannes von Worcester , also Johannes Wigorniensis († around 1140 ) was an English monk and chronicler .


John of Worcester was the author of the Chronicon ex chronicis , formerly attributed to Florentius of Worcester . The chronicon begins with creation and ends in 1140. It used to be assumed that only the last part of the chronicle was written by John. He took the chronological framework for the work from the Chronicle of Marianus Scotus . It can be assumed that John also used other sources that no longer exist today. This also includes a copy of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle . Possibly he used a template that was also used by William of Malmesbury , whose Gesta regum anglorum contains material similar to the Chronicon . Johannes probably also resorted to local knowledge.


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