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View of the Jordanbad with Jordanberg (2004)

The Jordanbad is a state-approved Kneipp spa in Biberach an der Riss in Upper Swabia operated by the St. Elisabeth Foundation .

Geographical location

The Jordanbad is located about four kilometers southeast (outside) of the core town of Biberach an der Riss and about one kilometer north-northwest of the center of the core town of the municipality of Ummendorf . It is located on the southern slope of the Jordanberg ( 638  m above sea  level ) at an altitude of around 540  m . Approximately 650 m to the west-northwest, the Umlach , which flows past the Jordanbad not far to the southwest, joins the Riss coming from the south .


Homeless Jewish children in the Jordanbad, 1946

In 1298 the Counts Diepold and Ulrich von Aichelberg donated the “Wasacher Hof” (the “Jordan”) to the Biberach hospital, which Helwig von Essendorf had previously owned as a fief. In 1470 the "Spitalbad" was first mentioned in a document. In 1889 the Franciscan Sisters of Reute opened the first medically managed Kneipp hydrotherapy facility in Germany. In April 1945, up to 400 homeless Jewish children of Holocaust victims were housed on the grounds of the Jordan Baths before they began their journey from the then French occupation zone to Palestine.

The spa has had an indoor swimming pool since 1968. In 1982, when drilling, thermal water containing sulfur and fluoride was found. In 1984 the thermal bath was put into operation.

Today the four-star park hotel, which was completely modernized in 2003, has a large thermal bath and a new sauna area and is owned by the Catholic St. Elisabeth Foundation, which was established in 1999. Since April 2004, it has been possible to carry out an adventure trip with 70 hands-on stations in the newly built "Sinn-Welt" on 1500 m², which is didactically oriented towards Maria Montessori and Hugo Kükelhaus .

Transport links

The Jordanbad can be reached via the first side street of the B 312 , which is about 600 m behind or east of the intersection with the B 30 . The intersection of these federal highways is around 300 m south-southeast of the confluence of the Umlach and the Riss.


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