Kingdom of Bono

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The Kingdom of Bono (in Abron : Bonoman ) was an early empire of the Akan peoples , established in 1295 (according to other sources around 1400) in the Brong-Ahafo region of present-day Ghana .

The early trade contacts from the great empires of the Sahel to the Akan and the coastal peoples of this part of West Africa, which was also connected to the trans-Saharan trade , ran via Bono . Its capital was Bono-Manso . In 1723 Bono-Manso was conquered by the Asantehene (Ashanti king) Opoku Ware I. and incorporated into the Ashanti empire. Many residents fled to the neighboring Tekyiman region . In 1740 this Tekyiman bono empire was also incorporated into the Ashanti empire.


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