Kingdom of León

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Kingdom of León
Leon banner.svg
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Capital Leon
independence 913
Leon around 1030
Leon around 1030
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The Kingdom of León was founded in 913 when the Kingdom of Asturias separated after the death of Alfonso III. of the great dissolved. The capital was León .


Immediately after the establishment of the kingdom, the original area could be expanded to the south and east, covering the newly won territories with castles. In the following decades, Galicia and Asturias were also reintegrated, so that the kingdom can be considered the successor state of the Kingdom of Asturias. In the 930s, Ferdinand González made the county of Burgos independent and named the country Castile after the many castles . He allied himself with the Caliphate of Cordoba against León until he was stopped by Sancho the Fat in 966 .

León was conquered in 1037 by King Ferdinand I of Castile , who also assumed the title of "King of León". The two kingdoms fell apart again in 1157 when King Alfonso VII divided the estate among his sons. Around 1230 they were by Ferdinand III. finally reunited in the Kingdom of Castile . Since then, the kings of Castile also called themselves kings of León and had the purple lion in their coat of arms.

Modern times

In the United Kingdom of Spain , León became a captain general until 1833 the area was divided into provinces. The former countries of León now represent in whole or in part the territory of the autonomous communities of Castile and León , Galicia , Extremadura and Asturias , as well as the north of Portugal .

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