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Cold dog is a dessert . Other designations are about Lucullus , Cold splendor , Kekstorte , Keller cake , Cold cake , cold snout , Black Peter , Black Dog , Kalter Igel , Keksmauer , Eishundkuchen , Wandsbeker bacon or Schichtschoki


The dessert consists of shortbread biscuits layered in cocoa and coconut oil cream and is made by laying out the biscuit layers one after the other in a loaf pan and then covering them with cocoa cream. Instead of the original version with the nowadays controversial coconut fat, Kalter Hund is now more and more often prepared with couverture and cream .

The history of this “cake without baking” can be traced back to the early 20th century; In the 1920s, the Bahlsen company published a recipe for a “chocolate cake made from Leibniz biscuits”. Today the cake is mainly associated with the cuisine of the German economic boom .

In Italy, a similar dish is known as salame di cioccolato ( chocolate salami ) or salame turco (“Turkish salami”), in Greece as mosaïkó (“mosaic [cake]”). In Denmark it is called Kiksekage ("biscuit cake"), in Norway Delfiakake ("Delfia cake") after a brand name for coconut fat. In Great Britain there is the chocolate biscuit cake , which is usually round in shape and made from crumbled tea biscuits .

The world record for the longest cold dog is 994.9 meters. It was set up in Ronneburg in October 2019 . Around 93,000 biscuits were used.


The name Kalter Hund derives on the one hand from the pit hunts in the mining industry, whose box shape is reminiscent of a baking pan, and on the other hand from the cooling, now mostly in the refrigerator; the variant cold muzzle indicates that the surface is reminiscent of the wet muzzle of a dog. Cold hedgehog is a variant in which the surface is decorated with sliced ​​almonds (or sticks) inserted into it. In contrast, biscuit cakes and cold cakes are more euphemisms for this comparatively simple cake.

The term cellar cake arose because until the 1960s the cake was placed in the cellar to cool down overnight.

The term Schwarzer Keksbass is also used synonymously . Due to the compact black appearance of this cake, it is mainly used in rural areas.

Lukullus is probably derived from the Roman gourmet Lucius Licinius Lucullus .

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