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A chocolate truffle cake

When dessert is called sweetened , usually creamy preparations of hot and cold food. They are usually prepared as a dessert, but are also common as starters and main courses in different portion sizes. Typical sweeteners are sugar , honey and fruit sweeteners .


Desserts can be differentiated according to the production process: puddings bound with starch, creams bound with gelatine, peeled creams ( Bavarian cream ), poached creams ( plumpudding ), egg flour preparations from the pan (omelettes and crêpes), egg flour preparations loosened by egg whites ( Soufflés ), fruit groats . Desserts starch-based hot in the jargon flummery .

Fruit-based desserts contain fruits as the main ingredient and flavor carrier, the binding can be increased by gelatine.

Furthermore, desserts can be offered in a chilled (e.g. Charlotten ), semi- frozen (e.g. parfaits ) or frozen state (e.g. ice cream bombs ) .

Warm desserts

Cold desserts

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