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A soufflé or soufflee (French soufflé "blown", to souffler "blow") is a light egg dish (sweet as a pastry , or also savory and savory prepared with cheese, vegetables or fish, crabs, meat), its airy size (height ) is made from the beaten egg white . The only thing they have in common with the casserole or gratin is the use of refractory tins for cooking.

The preparation swells during baking and must be served immediately, as the airy structure of the baked egg whites quickly sinks in.

The term soufflé (French) literally means "puffed up". Soufflés can be prepared as a starter , main course (cheese soufflé , truffle soufflé ) and as sweet desserts (cherry soufflé or numerous other fruits).

Hearty soufflés

These are made from a thick bechamel sauce or puree; Ingredients added to the basic mixture (in the form of a pepperoni or puree) include vegetables, ham, cheese, which determine the name of the soufflé.

Dessert soufflés

These are based either on a milk preparation or a fruit puree and a boiled sugar mixture. For the former, a confectioner's pudding ( custard ) is used, which is bound with egg yolk and flavored with vanilla, liqueur or brandy before the stiffly beaten egg white is folded in. Alternatively, a light roux can be used, which is mixed with boiling sweetened vanilla milk and bound with egg yolks (or egg yolks and whole eggs) before folding in the whipped egg whites.

The Salzburger Nockerln are also part of the soufflés.

The safest results are achieved with aromatic fruits that have a low water content (cocoa, passion fruit, citrus fruits [essential oils of the peel]).

A sufficient supply of air is important when whipping the egg white. That is why in many kitchens the egg whites mixed with a few drops of lemon juice are still beaten with a whisk . Fruit acid is even better. But the most important thing is that the egg white and work utensils are refrigerated and free of fat and emulsifiers (egg yolk).

The preparation of a soufflé also requires a bit of experience and patience, because opening the oven prematurely or even repeatedly leads to the soufflé collapsing due to the penetrating cold air, which does not damage the taste, but affects its appearance, while at the same time completely achieving the desired airy consistency get lost. When serving in restaurants, a soufflé is therefore often served under a heated hood that is only removed at the table.

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