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Pasta bake, gratinated with cheese in the oven.

A casserole is a spicy or sweet-flavored preparation cooked in the oven made from raw ingredients that are piled up in bulk and baked with an egg-containing sauce.

Difference between casserole, gratin and soufflé

Due to their composition, casseroles must be cooked through completely, in contrast to gratins , which are only baked. The casserole has nothing in common with the soufflé , except for a baking pan in which they are baked.

Common casseroles are pasta , rice and potato casseroles . A sweet casserole is e.g. B. the pyre , a dish of Austrian cuisine in which bread and apple slices are piled up, or the semolina casserole .

Word origin

The linguist Joachim Heinrich Campe explained the lemma with "The casserole, that which comes up, in the kitchen language, where one understands a dish by it, which is baked in an oven or in the coals and puffs up."


Ham funeral : potato casserole with ham and pork belly

Casseroles were made from filled pies that were already part of medieval cuisine. The first casserole recipes are from the beginning of the 18th century. These first casserole recipes had a pressed rice porridge as a base, which was prepared in ovenproof pots with a sweet or savory filling. At the end of the 19th century, the casserole was represented in English-language cookbooks. Today the casserole is an integral part of the kitchen and the only “national dish” with North American roots.

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