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Semolina close-up

Semolina is a term used in milling for pieces of cereal grain (mostly wheat ) with a size of 0.3 to 1 mm (300–1000 µm). Semolina grains are round to angular and white to yellowish-brown in color. Semolina is made in a similar way to flour , but the mill is set differently. The finer flour fraction that is created at the same time as this grinding process is later sieved out and used as flour. The miller can adjust the grinding using various settings on the roller mill so that either more semolina or more flour particles are produced.


The noun mhd. Grieȥ , ahd. Grioȥ , like the adjective large ( mhd. , Ahd. Grōȥ , originally “coarse-grained”) belongs to the Indo-European root ghreu- “rub, grind, crumble”.

Grain sizes

Semolina cleaning machine in a modern large mill

The resulting semolina is separated into cleaned and uncleaned (not peeled) semolina with a semolina cleaning machine and into different size classes:

  • coarse semolina (600–1000 µm)
  • medium semolina (475–600 µm)
  • fine semolina (300-475 µm)

For comparison: The grain sizes of haze are between 150 and 300 µm, those of flour are smaller than 150 µm.

Soft wheat semolina

Dutch semolina pudding with currant sauce

Very fine semolina is used for baby food and children's porridge , semolina porridge and other desserts and sweets, as well as for semolina schmarrn or semolina dumplings . Baby semolina to be stirred into the cold milk is broken down by steaming and then squeezing in a rolling mill, should be easier to digest and does not have to be boiled.

For baking cakes and for making dumplings , fine semolina is used instead of flour, which is also available in stores in southern Germany under the name dumpling flour .

As a children's semolina, somewhat finer semolina was marketed in Austria around 1970, which swells up faster due to the smaller grain, therefore has to be stirred more quickly when cooking (in milk) and tends to form nodules. Milk with such finer semolina can be sucked from a drinking bottle better than normal semolina through a teat with a smaller hole.

Durum wheat semolina

Semolina soup with egg

In addition, durum wheat semolina and vapors are ground from special durum wheat for pasta production , especially noodles . Durum wheat semolina is also suitable for the preparation of other dishes such as semolina soup , semolina dumplings , dumplings, pudding and Schmarrn.

If durum wheat grains are only roughly cut, the result is groats , which you can use e.g. B. used for the production of bulgur . From durum wheat semolina you can prepare semolina such as B. produce dumpling semolina that has been subjected to a digestive treatment.

Other grains

Semolina made from oats , barley , spelled , millet or buckwheat is used to make (mostly sweet) porridge dishes. From corn grits are for polenta made.

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