Pyre (pastry)

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Stake is in Old Bavaria , Austria , the Czech Republic (as Žemlovka ), the Slovak Republic (as Žemľovka ) and Slovenia (as žemljin narastek spread) pastry . In the south-west of Germany there is the related food oven slippers .

There are different ways of preparing it. A very common way is this: Stale bread rolls are cut and soaked in milk mixed with eggs . Then the mixture is placed in a greased baking dish and filled in layers with grated apples , cinnamon , sugar , almonds and raisins previously soaked in rum . The last layer must consist of the breadcrumbs. The food is baked golden yellow in the oven over medium heat and baked again with a snow hood made of stiffly beaten egg white and granulated sugar.

As an oven loaf, the dish is usually served with vanilla sauce immediately after baking .

A similar dish is the Kipferlkoch , but without the snow hood . The dish poor knight or pofesen is also similar, but without apples. The bread pudding is also very similar, but made with breadcrumbs when making the dough.


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