Canary Current

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Map of the named ocean currents of the earth, among which the Canary Current is located.

The Canary Current is a cool to moderately warm ocean current in the northeast Atlantic .

It gets its water from parts of the Azores Current , the Portugal Current and rising nutrient-rich deep water. This deep water is the main reason for the comparatively low temperature of the Canary Islands. It flows first in a south and then in a south-westerly direction along the north-west African coast past the Canary Islands , where it ensures even temperatures throughout the year . At the Cape Verde Islands it turns to the west and becomes the Atlantic North Equatorial Current .

The Canary Current is part of the large Atlantic current ring consisting of the Portugal Current, the Canary Current, the North Equatorial Current, the Antilles Current, the Florida Current, the Gulf Stream and the Northeast Atlantic Current.

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