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By the term cascading refers to the electrical engineering and electronics , the series connection or concatenation of several modules / modules . The connection between the individual modules is unidirectional, but it is still possible to connect back to the beginning of the chain.

Cascading can be more effective than with just a single module. By connecting several voltage doublers, a multiple of the electrical voltage can be achieved , as in the case of the high-voltage cascade . In the machine cascade, several electrical machines, e.g. B. Asynchronous machines with slip ring rotors, connected in series. The cascade machine works by cascading the windings within the electrical machine. During signal processing, the signal usually remains unchanged, for example when the satellite signals are distributed to many receivers by cascading multi-switches .

Cascading can also be found in the software area, e.g. B. with interrupts , in which signals are mostly passed on unchanged serially through individual modules (in contrast to cascade connections of the electrics / electronics, which amplify them).

When degreasing components in precision engineering with z. B. solvents , the parts are placed one after the other in containers with unpolluted solvents. This results in pre-cleaning, post-cleaning, fine cleaning, ultra-fine cleaning. This is also referred to as a cascade.

The same applies to the drying of animal and plant tissue for examination with a microscope . Here, the material is introduced one after the other in alcohol with increasing concentration (alcohols have a strong affinity for water and can bind it).

When filling pressurized gas cylinders, it is energetically advantageous to use a series of at least 2 storage cylinders (typically: steel cylinders) which are located at different pressure levels, increasing. Theoretically, up to 50% of the ( ideal ) compression work (into the storage bottles) can be saved. If bottles of a certain outlet pressure are filled without a compressor, cascaded decanting increases the yield from (several) outlet bottles (typically 50 liters volume and 200 or 300 bar pressure) from an external supplier. In return, cascaded filling means higher expenditure on equipment and controls.

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