Kaspar Muther

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Kaspar Muther (born December 18, 1909 in Littau ; † September 16, 1980 in Lucerne ) was a Swiss composer , clarinetist and saxophonist of Swiss folk music.


His music was the landlord . In 1960 he co-founded the Ländlerkapelle Heirassa with the pianist Alois Schilliger . Other players were Walter Grob and Kari Keizer, who were later replaced by Willi Valotti and Köbi Schiess. In addition to his own compositions, Kaspar Muther played many works by Alois Schilliger and also older titles. The Ländlerkapelle has had many successes in its 20-year history. The Stollberg- Scottish , composed by Kaspar Muther, became known in the whole folk music scene.

The Kaspar Muther Foundation named after him supports young folk musicians in Switzerland.