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Willi Valotti (* 7. July 1949 ) is a composer , conductor , accordion - and Swiss accordion player from the Toggenburg in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen . He is entitled to live in Krummenau and Brescia .

Musical career

His musical focus is the Landler . 1970 to 1980 he was the accordionist of the Ländlerkapelle Heirassa from Lucerne, which used the concert style of Central Switzerland (see: Alois Schilliger ). Since their dissolution, he has been going public with his trio Willi Valotti . Not infrequently he plays with the clarinet and saxophone player Bruno Syfrig as the Syfrig-Valotti band . Also with other musicians like Fritz Dünner , Walter Grob , Franz Schmidig senior, who died on November 24, 2008, and others, he forms chapels with wind instruments, hand organ and black organ iduets . They are accompanied by Claudio Gmür ( piano ) and Ueli Mooser (bass violin). Their residences are relatively far away from each other, which rarely occurs with Ländler bands .

In 2002 the Willis Wyberkapelle was also created with Willi Valotti, Gaby-Isabelle Näf, Andrea Ulrich and Claudia Muff . In 2010 Martina Rohrer came to replace Claudia Muff.


  • Willi Valotti was one of the so-called country kings .
  • In 2003, Willi Valotti was awarded the Golden Treble Clef for his services to folk music .


According to Valotti, the practice is “only by fax”. Around 100 of his own compositions were created in his work, some of which are relatively complex. Among them is the Foxtrot "Valotria" - a play on words between Valotti and tomfoolery.

Another special feature is the music composed by him called Tschess- Landler at the 5/4-stroke, although the term "Landler" for a melody in the 3/4-stroke stands.

He also works as a presenter on Radio Eviva .


Willi Valotti is a trained paver. After the recruit school he worked as an excavator operator in Reichenburg . Today he works as an independent accordion and guitar teacher in Nesslau . On the side he sells and tunes accordions and Swiss orchestras.

His work in the yodelling scene

Willi Valotti is not a blank slate in the yodelling scene either. At the suggestion of music producer Alex Eugster , he composed around 20 yodelling songs and ran the Männertreu Nesslau-Neu St. Johann yodel club from 1973 to 2011 .

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