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Kenorland is a hypothetical primary continent in the history of the earth , which is said to have formed about 2.5 billion years ago. In the course of its history it was affected by two orogenes , but remained essentially intact. He was later included in the greater continent of Arctica .


The name Kenorland was proposed in 1991 by a group of scientists around Harold Williams . The name is derived from the Kenora orogeny , which dates back to approx. Took place 2.5 billion years ago.


Kenorland essentially consisted of the Canadian Shield , i.e. H. the Superior Kraton , Slave Kraton, and Hearne Kraton .

Kenorland as a geological continent

Kenorland was welded to the greater continent of Arctica by accretion of the Wyoming craton, the Rae and Nain complexes from Greenland and two Siberian cratons at a point in time that has not yet been precisely determined (less than 2500 million years ago), probably around 1800 million years ago .


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