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The chain stopper or chain pincers is an anchor holding device between the anchor winch and anchor hawl, which fixes the chain to the anchor .

To relieve the anchor winch of the tensile force of the anchor chain when anchoring, the anchor chain with anchor can be held by a chain stopper. The chain is then fixed and the windlass can be relieved.


The chain stopper can be constructed in different ways. The most common versions are:

  • Image No. 1: The lever chain stopper is a device attached to the lower part of the deck, through which the chain runs, on which an upper part attached to the lower part by a hinge is placed over the chain in order to secure it appropriately.
  • Photo no. 2: With the spindle chain stopper, the twisting of two movable jaws together by means of a spindle causes a chain link of the anchor chain to be pinched.
  • Fig. 3: Suitable metal constructions and securing by means of tensioning screws .
  • Picture no. 4: The fixing of the chain by hooking a claw or hook.

Chain stoppers are usually designed for 80% of the chain breaking load. Whether a chain stopper is required depends on various factors (e.g. ship construction, max. Braking torque of the anchor winch, chain size).

In nautical parlance, a chain stopper is also a chain end with a short spliced ​​line for briefly stopping a steel wire line during the mooring process of a ship.

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