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Khanda symbol

The Khanda emblem is the religious symbol of Sikhism . It consists of four weapons that are also religious symbols:

  • the Khanda , a double-edged sword , which is located in the middle of the symbol and acts as a namesake. Such a sword is z. B. also used in Sikh baptism ( Amrit Sanchar ) to stir nectar water (Amrit). The double-edged sword separates good and bad.
  • the chakar , a medieval throwing ring . The ring symbolizes the infinite God who has no beginning and no end.
  • two sabers ( kirpans ) with the names Piri and Miri . These lie around the construction of Chakar and Khanda on the left and right. They symbolize the worldly and the spiritual authority and go back to the sixth guru , Har Gobind .

The Khanda symbol is z. B. worn as a pendant, but can also be seen on the Sikh flag ( Nishan Sahib ).