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Kirovets Leningrad ( Russian Кировец Ленинград ) is a former Russian ice hockey club from Leningrad , today's Saint Petersburg. Between 1947 and 1949, and 1954 and 1962 he participated in the top division of the Soviet Union in part, the Klass A .


The association was founded in 1947 as Dzerzhinez Leningrad ( Russian Дзержинец ) and included in the Class A. In 1949 he was after the tractor plant Kirov in Kirovets Leningrad , renamed after it was dismounted from the Klass A in the second game class Klass B. 1954 succeeded in the promotion to the top division, which was connected with another name change in Avangard Leningrad ( Russian Авангард ). The club's best placement was achieved in the 1957/58 season when the team finished fifth in the championship. In 1958, Valentin Bystrow played with the Soviet national team at the World Cup .

Well-known former players

  • Goalkeepers: B. Meltscharik, B. Fink, W. Kazakow
  • Defender: А. Smirnow, W. Lapin, L Basjura, Juri Antonow, W. Morosow, Е. Bogdanow, N. Komarow, W. Jegorow, О. Churashov
  • Striker: М. Gaschtschenkow, L. Bogdanow, А. Sorokin, М. Shuravlev, Valentin Bystrow , F. Lapin, А. Bunin, G. Judin, Juri Borissow, D. Koptschenow, Juri Swesdin, А. Drosdow, W. Pogrebnyak


  • P. Batyrjew (1947-1949)
  • P. Olchowik (1954–1955)
  • W. Lapin (1955-1957)
  • А. Viktorov (1957–1961)
  • Valentin Bystrow (1961–1962)

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