Cherry blossom front

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Cherry blossom front 2007 (according to the Japanese spelling, first the month, then the day)
Cherry blossom in Iwakura

In Japan, the cherry blossom front ( Japanese 桜 前線 , Sakura zensen ) is the line running through the country from southwest to northeast, from which the cherry trees are in blossom. The cherry blossom season in Japan is a media event from March to April each year, starting around March 24th at the southern tip of Kyushu . From there the front moves northeast. After about a week she passed the Kansai area, Sendai in Tōhoku around April 20th. The season ends around May 10th in Hokkaidō . During the entire time, the daily news reports on the degree of opening of the flowers in the various areas of Japan.

The cherry blossom season is a popular holiday and travel season in Japan.

The cherry blossom is one of the classic symbols in Japanese poetry .

Hanami , viewing the cherry blossom, is an important social event in spring that takes on a folk festival-like character throughout the country, especially in urban areas.

The cherry isn't the only flower that inspired Japanese poets, and one flower is attributed to each month. Before the cherry in April, the plum trees ( , ume ) bloom in February and the peach trees ( , momo ) in March, and these blooms also cross Japan as a “front”.

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