Little Lorsch Franconian Chronicle

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Carolingian gate hall of the former Lorsch monastery

Annales Laurissenses minores ( Little Lorsch Annals ), also Chronicon Laurissense breve , is the Latin name of a medieval historiographical text from the Lorsch monastery . In some texts the term Kleine Lorsch Frankenchronik is also used.


The chronicle was written at the beginning of the ninth century by a monk from the Lorsch monastery. The name of the author is unknown. Events in the Franconian Empire of the 8th century, such as the transition of rule from the Merovingians to the Carolingians, are reported in annual reports . The chronicle begins with the year 680 and ends with the year 817. From the year 680 to the year 741 the content of the Fredegar chronicle is taken. From 741 to 788 the information is partly original, partly based on the Annales Laurissenses maiores (Great Lorsch Annals) . From 788 the records in the Codex Fuldensis differ from those in the Codex Remensis . Two of the surviving manuscripts were once in Fulda and Reims , from which their current names are derived. Later these came to Vienna or Bern. The Little Lorsch Franconian Chronicle was subsequently used as a source by the authors of the Fulda Annals ( Annales Fuldenses ).

The Annales Laurissenses minores should not be confused with the Lorsch Annals ( Annales Laureshamenses ).

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