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The agreement of Kumanovo ( Albanian  Marrëveshja ushtarako-teknike në Kumanove or Marrëveshja e Kumanovës ; Serbian Војно-технички споразум у Куманову Vojno-TEHNIČKI sporazum u Kumanovu or Kumanovski sporazum ) was on 9. June 1999 at the military airport near Kumanovo signed . The agreement marked the termination and the end of Operation Allied Force , which has a March 24, held until June 10, 1999 military operation of NATO against the then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War was. One day later, Resolution 1244 was adopted by the United Nations Security Council .

The agreement was signed by General Svetozar Marjanović of the Yugoslav Army, Police General Obrad Stevanović and British General Mike Jackson . This ended the time of the Yugoslav Wars , which had started in 1991.

The main provisions

  • End of hostilities between NATO forces, the Yugoslav army and the Serbian police .
  • The withdrawal of the Yugoslav army and the Serbian police from Kosovo over a period of eleven days.
  • Establishment of a security zone from the administrative border with Kosovo within the Republic of Serbia and Montenegro .
  • The commitment of the KFOR troops to disarm the UÇK .


The signing of the agreement created conditions for the Yugoslav army and the Serbian police . At the same time, on June 10, 1999, a kind of "race" began between KFOR and around 200 members of the Russian brigade in the Multinational Division North, which was stationed in Bosnia and Herzegovina , and NATO, whose troops were stationed in Albania and Macedonia , the so-called "Russian advance to Pristina ".

The same morning, shortly after five o'clock, in the area of ​​Macedonia and Kosovo, the first British troops were deployed. With six transport helicopters, the British paratroopers and members of the special forces crossed the territory of what was then the southern Serbian province to the column of British and French military vehicles.

The first contingent of around 800 German soldiers at KFOR was on Macedonian territory in Blace around noon that day , together with the British troops, while the members of the Italian armed forces were in Peć during the night between 14 and 15 June arrived at a German KFOR contingent.

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