Cleomenes (sculptor III)

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Marcellus, work of Cleomenes
Marcellus, inscription on the turtle

Cleomenes was an ancient Greek sculptor from Athens .

He is only known for his signature on the statue of Marcellus , which is now in the Louvre in Paris and was previously called Germanicus . The statue depicts Marcellus (42-23 BC), Augustus ' nephew , in the Hermes Ludovisi type with his right hand raised and a turtle at his side. However, the identification of the statue with Marcellus is not certain.

The turtle bears the artist's signature of the artist:

("Cleomenes, the son of Cleomenes from Athens")

Kleomenes could be the son of the in the 1st half of the 1st century BC. . AD in Rome sculptor working Kleomenes and descendant of the sculptor Cleomenes have been, as sons often the same profession as their fathers exercised; it is possibly a family of sculptors working in Rome who specialized in copying Greek sculptures.