Arneburg Abbey

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The monastery of St. Mariae and St. Thomae (also monastic congregation , congregatio monachorum ) was a Benedictine monastery in Arneburg in the Altmark in the 10th century.


It was founded by Count Brun von Arneburg and his wife Fridegun. Since he died in 978, this took place before that. He left half of the castle and the property belonging to it to the monastery. Between 981 and 983 Pope Benedict VII issued a privilege for the monastery and King Otto II took it under his protection. There are no other reports. The monastery was destroyed at the latest in 997 during a Slav raid on the castle.

In 1006, King Heinrich II transferred its former property and the right to set up a canonical provosty to the Archbishopric of Magdeburg . Whether this actually happened is unknown. Remnants of the plant are not known.


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