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Coordinates: 47 ° 28 ′ 49.6 "  N , 11 ° 14 ′ 22.5"  E

Location of the former Scharnitz monastery in Klais

The monastery Scharnitz is a former convent of Benedictine in Klais in Bavaria in the diocese of Freising .


The monastery, consecrated to St. Peter and Paul, was founded before 763 by Reginperht and Irminfried, members of the local aristocratic Huosi family . The central person of the Reginperht family, the vir nobilis Poapo , who is also the namesake of the Adelsgau pagus Poapinta near Innsbruck, which partly came to the Scharnitz monastery and later to the Schlehdorf monastery .

The management of the monastery was entrusted to Archipresbyter Arbeo , who was appointed Bishop of Freising the following year . His successor as abbot was Atto , under whom, after a major fire, the monastery between 769 and 772 - possibly on the advice of Bishop Arbeo - moved to Schlehdorf Monastery on the Kochelsee.

In 1972 remains of the Benedictine monastery were unearthed during excavations, which experts described as "remarkable".


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