Carlo II Gonzaga

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Carlo II Gonzaga (* 1609 ; † August 30, 1631 in Cavriana ) was the second eldest son of Duke Carlo I Gonzaga of Nevers and Rethel . He was Duke of Mayenne and d'Aiguillon , Marquis de Villars , Comte du Maine and Comte de Tende .

Carlo married on December 25, 1627 Maria Gonzaga (* July 29, 1609, † August 14, 1660), daughter of Duke Francesco IV Gonzaga of Mantua and heir niece of his successor Vincenzo II Gonzaga , who died on the day of the wedding, so that the intended regulation had immediate effect.

With this marriage, Vincenzo II Gonzaga wanted to ensure the succession in the Duchy of Mantua , which he succeeded in the end after the Mantuan War of Succession between Emperor Ferdinand II and France due to the development in the Thirty Years War in 1631 with the Peace Treaty of Cherasco was decided in his favor .

However, it was not Carlo II who became Duke of Mantua, but his father Carlo I Gonzaga. Carlo II held the secondary school in the Duchy of Rethel and died before his father, so that the succession in Mantua, Nevers and Rethel passed directly to his son in 1637.

Carlo II. Gonzaga and Maria Gonzaga had two children: