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Scheme of the ankle

The ankle ( Latin malleolus , ' little hammer', diminutive of Latin malleus , 'hammer') is a bone cusp at the lower end of the lower leg . It forms the upper part of the ankle , the joint between the foot and the leg , and from a medical and anatomical point of view belongs to the leg and not to the foot.

The ankle forms the socket of the ankle. The lower end of the fibula forms the lower downwardly descending lateral malleolus (Latin-anatomically malleolus lateralis ), the lower end of the tibia to the inner ankle (Latin-anatomically medial malleolus ).

Broken ankle

X-ray of a fractured ankle

The ankle fracture ( lat. - anat. Malleolar ) is one of the most common sports injuries . 40 percent of these injuries are sport-related. The fracture of the inner ankle occurs more frequently than that of the outer ankle, but both ankles can break at the same time ( bimalleolar fracture ). Ankle fractures almost always occur together with torn ligaments .

In the case of a triple fracture of the ankle (Latin: trimalleolar fracture ), the anterior or posterior lower end of the tibia is also torn out, which is known as the anterior Volkmann triangle or the posterior Volkmann triangle . The Volkmann triangle is the name for the fracture and not the broken anatomical structure at the anterior or posterior lower end of the tibia ( posterior edge of the tibia ).

Due to its mobility, the ankle joint is a hinge joint , the axis of movement of which runs horizontally through the inner and outer ankle. This hinge joint is responsible for raising and lowering the foot . The turning of the foot is done by the lower ankle.


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