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The beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola described a rubber seal with a colored print on the inside as a gummy picture , which could be "pinched out" of the lid. The first series of milestones in traffic history with 48 motifs appeared in 1982 in German-speaking countries.

The marketing idea was supported by collective posters on which the motifs could be stuck. In the following years a few more series appeared, also in other countries. After answering a "gnawing" question, you could win remote-controlled planes and boats, Carrera and model trains.

Pepsi quickly copied the idea and used the slogan "Knibbel Amerika" to advertise its Foray through America series . In Spain, Pepsi released Knibbelbilder on the television series Dallas .

Instead of the gnawing pictures, there were later easily peelable bottle labels , the backs of which were printed, for example, with the German national football team of the European Championship in 1988 or record covers. Today there are in the covers coupon - code for an online music service .

Series of motifs

Knibbelbilder (selection)

  • 1982 (Coca-Cola) milestones in traffic history (48 motifs of cars, airplanes, ships and rail vehicles)
  • ~ 1982 (soccer player)
  • 1983 (Coca-Cola) Pop Star Gallery (40 motifs from international singers and bands)
  • ~ 1983 (Pepsi) foray through America (32 motifs of typical American)
  • ~ 1983 (Coca-Cola) collection points (printed in French)
  • 1984 (Coca-Cola) Olympic Games (printed directly on the bottle cap)

Pictures that cannot be nibbled out

  • A series of motifs for the Olympic Games was printed directly into the bottle lid under a transparent plastic sealing layer around 1984.
  • In the capsule closures of Danish brewer Carlsberg a series of images became a in the 1980 football printed -WM.

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