Knight Commander

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Knight Commander refers to the second highest class ( Grand Commander ) of a three- or five-level state order of merit , provided a man is awarded it.

For British citizens and citizens of a Commonwealth Realm, this is associated with the elevation of personal nobility to the Knights of the United Kingdom . In this case, the predicate Sir ([ sɜː (ɹ) ]) is placed in front of the first name. For women, the corresponding level is called Dame Commander and the preceding predicate is Dame ([ deɪ̯m ]). The abbreviation, which is also added to the family name ( post-nominal ), is e.g. B. for the Order of the British Empire "KBE" for men and "DBE" for women.

The level of Knight Commander exists e.g. B. with the following orders of knights in the United Kingdom :

The level also exists in orders of the Commonwealth Realms:

Even for awards that are no longer awarded, there was the level of Knight Commander: