Company squad

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The Company HQ (new: Bar service processor SK (StDstBeabr SK) in artillery and air defense troops : battery group ) is in the armed forces a part unit of the company lead group or guiding and supply group of the company . He is led by the company troop leader and often includes only one other soldier as the driver of the unit leader (company commander). According to V- StAN, a company officer can join in on duty.

The company troop leader is the processor of tasks in command area  3 and assistant to the company commander in tactical questions and training, which is why experienced NCOs fill this post with portepee . The company troop leader works with the superior S3 department according to the instructions of the company commander. The main tasks of the basic command area (FGG) 3 include training and tactical deployment planning, in peace also training planning, duty roster creation, course planning, training and firing range requirements and the necessary preparations. The company group forms the company command post . The company troop leader accompanies the company commander as instructed, in order to record incoming orders for him, to transfer incoming reports to the situation map or to support the company commander in assessing the situation or giving orders.

The post of company troop leader was only created during the time of the Reichswehr , after the experiences of the First World War had shown that the company commander needed a reliable assistant in 24-hour combat and that the declared intention of creating a small but elite army required professional training planning .


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