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The leading member of a squad is referred to as the squad leader (TF, TrFü or TrpFhr for the military). The squad leader is responsible for the subordinate people. He reports to a group leader or directly to the platoon leader . He is called a troop commander in Austria .


armed forces

Military symbols squad
TZ TRP.svg
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Representation in NATO armed forces

Squad leaders of the German Bundeswehr are experienced team ranks or non-commissioned officers who lead the smallest combat groups called troops (consisting of two to six soldiers). It is not a question of a specific rank, but of a position .

Examples of squad leaders / sub-unit leaders:

  • Panzergrenadierruppe: troop leader rifle troop (the rifle troop detached from the armored personnel carrier)
  • Telecommunication troops : radio troop leader
  • Repair troop: repair troop leader
  • Artillery troops: Gun leader (leader of a gun operator)
  • Panzer force: tank commander (leader of a tank crew / battle tank)
  • Company squad leader / battery squad leader : as a sub-unit leader, leads the company squad or, in the case of artillery and anti-aircraft troops, the battery squad (since 2007: staff officer SK (StDstBeabr SK))

The equivalent terms to “Trupp / Truppführer” in Anglophone armed forces are “party”, “patrol” or “team” (e.g. support team, machine gun teams, mortar teams, sniper teams etc.) / “leader” (short : ... LDR, L).

Military symbol - "Trupp / Truppführer" (2 - 7 men) - in NATO forces:

  • a single point (● troop / troop leader general); or.
  • a lying rectangle with a point above (troop as a single sub-unit) on military maps

National Socialism

In Reichsarbeitsdienst the squad leader was the sergeant ( sergeant of the Armed Forces) of corresponding rank . In the Sturmabteilung the SA troop leader was a paramilitary rank which was equivalent to the sergeant of the Wehrmacht and the SS-Oberscharführer of the Waffen-SS.


In the German police force, too, the concept of the squad leader is established as the head of a sub-unit of an operational hundred.

fire Department

Troop as a dependent sub-unit

Representations of the dependent fire brigade in the fire brigade

In the fire brigade , the expression troop leader denotes the leader of a troop with usually two people and associated equipment. The term squad refers to a sub-unit of the group (or relay) unit. In exceptional cases, this number will be increased according to the (usage) conditions.

Training to become a squad leader in the fire brigade in Germany takes at least 35 hours. The fire service regulation 2 prescribes the qualification as a troop man as an access requirement. The course takes place at district or state level and ends with an examination.

In all cases the tasks of the squad leader are:

  • Completion of the assignment and
  • Ensuring the safety of the squad.

After passing the course, courses with a supervisory function can be attended. These are, for example, equipment operators or respiratory protection equipment operators . As a prerequisite, the squad training must have been successfully completed.

Independent squad

Representations of the independent fire brigade

In addition, there is the squad leader as the leader of an independent squad who can carry out operational tasks independently and acts as a vehicle driver. In addition to a troop man, a machinist reports to the leader of an independent troop. He is responsible for his squad and the equipment he uses. In contrast to the first named squad leader, the leader of an independent squad, which is an independent fire brigade unit, must have been trained as a squad leader .

Aid organizations and civil protection

Blue banner, in the middle the THW logo made of a gear and initials, left and right of it a vertical bar (light blue)
THW service registration number

The squad leader, as subordinate leader, leads a small team of emergency services (usually 3 to 5, called squad). He is responsible for carrying out the tasks assigned to him by his group leader. The squad leader reports to the group leader of his specialist or rescue group and is also his deputy. The number of squad leaders in a group varies, but there are usually two per group (this regulates the strength and equipment verification ). As an example of this, the course to become a troop leader at the water rescue service of the DRK is referred to as guiding in action part 1 .

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