Respirator maintenance

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The respiratory protection equipment manager of the fire brigade in Germany is entrusted with the proper maintenance , repair and storage of equipment used in respiratory protection .

The tasks of the respiratory protection equipment maintenance officer are regulated in FwDV 7 (respiratory protection) .

The training to become a respiratory protection equipment attendant takes place u. a. at the institute of the fire brigade, at the state fire brigade schools and at the manufacturers of breathing apparatus. The training to become a respiratory protective equipment attendant at the fire brigade in Germany lasts at least 35 hours of instruction. The fire brigade service provision 2 writes the qualifications as an admission requirement squad leader course before and respiratory protection training course.

This course, or a shortened, subject-specific course to acquire the necessary specialist knowledge, is, together with the qualification as a group leader, an admission requirement for the course instructor for respiratory protection .

The next level is head of respiratory protection :

According to the table for the distribution of tasks in respiratory protection, the head of respiratory protection is responsible for the following areas:

  • Advising the head of the fire brigade on respiratory protection
  • Control of personal evidence of respiratory protection
  • Monitoring of the respiratory protection area, including training and further education


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