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The federation leader ( VF , VbF or VbFü abbreviated; formerly leader of federations ; in Austria called federation commander) is a force of the fire brigade or other aid organizations for the management of tactical units whose strength exceeds that of an extended platoon. According to fire service regulation 3, a train consists of up to three groups and a train troop. This upper limit can be defined differently for other aid organizations and in disaster control. Depending on the size of the association, the association leader is also called standby leader , department leader or large association leader .

The association leader can use a management team, a management team, a management group or a management staff as management support to fulfill his tasks. He is used as a section or operations leader in major damage situations. An association leader is always deployed when, for example, two platoons go into action together (for aid organizations, e.g. as part of a treatment center or care center).

The training to become an association leader takes at least 35 hours. Fire brigade regulation 2 prescribes qualification as a train driver as an entry requirement .

Individual evidence

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