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Under a Fire Chief is understood in Germany , both the functional description for the leader of a municipal fire department and the designation of the appropriate course to fulfill this scope.


The head of the fire brigade is the course designation according to FwDV 2. The prerequisite for participation in the course is successful participation in the "group leader" course, unless further training is required under state law. The aim of the training is to qualify for the management of a fire brigade in organizational and administrative terms. The course duration is at least 35 hours. The course is held at state fire brigade schools .

Function designation

The functional designations apply to both female and male fire service members.


The head of the fire brigade is the manager who administratively leads a municipal fire brigade. Usually the fire brigade in a municipality is divided into several locations. There are then also several leaders at different levels. There can be fire department heads for the community / city as a whole and for the subordinate districts / city districts.

Since the fire brigade system in Germany is regulated at state level, each federal state has issued its own legal provisions for this. There is no uniform naming of the functions in Germany. This table shows the various names for the head of a fire brigade broken down by federal state:

coat of arms country Community / city level City / district level
Coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg (lesser) .svg Baden-Württemberg Fire chief Department Commander
Bavaria Wappen.svg Bavaria commander commander
Coat of arms of Berlin.svg Berlin State fire director Guard chief (BF) / military chief (FF)
Brandenburg Wappen.svg Brandenburg Wehrführer Local military leader
Bremen coat of arms (middle) .svg Bremen Chief Fire Director (BF) / Area Manager (FF) Wehrführer (FF)
DEU Hamburg COA.svg Hamburg Chief Fire Director (BF) / Regional Area Leader (FF) Wehrführer (FF)
Coat of arms of Hesse.svg Hesse Community / city fire inspector Wehrführer
Coat of arms of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (great) .svg Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Community armed forces leader Local military leader
Coat of arms of Lower Saxony.svg Lower Saxony Community / town fire chief Fire chief
Coat of arms of North Rhine-Westfalia.svg North Rhine-Westphalia Head of the fire department Unit head
Coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate.svg Rhineland-Palatinate Fire chief / city fire brigade inspector Wehrführer
Coat of arms of the Saarland Saarland Wehrführer Discharge district or discharge section leader
Coat of arms of Saxony.svg Saxony Community defense chief Local armed forces chief
Coat of arms Saxony-Anhalt.svg Saxony-Anhalt Community / city defense chief Local / district military chief
DEU Schleswig-Holstein COA.svg Schleswig-Holstein Community armed forces leader Local military leader
Coat of arms of Thuringia, svg Thuringia Local / town fire chief Wehrführer


  • commander


  • commander


  • commander

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  3. According to Bavarian fire brigade law, municipalities with several fire brigades do not have their own fire brigade management function as head of all fire brigades in a municipality. This applies regardless of any purely administrative positions. However, there are regulations for certain tasks such as Art. 16 II 1 and Art. 18 II 2 BayFwG.